Monday, February 02, 2015

Hard Night On the Ice Tonight!!!

Well gang,

With only three people showing up tonight- Ian, Brad and Kurt, keeping up with making ice was hard. We only cleared and put two coats on the lower sheet tonight. As always the hockey ice takes the worst beating.

The beating was taken over the weekend after the snow on Saturday where the public cleared the snow by pushing it aside only to make the sheet 4 feet smaller on the north and south edges. I took the blower and gained back the four feet.
The three of us spent a lot of time giving the ice a good scraping before laying down a thirsty and generous first coat, followed by a second finishing coat.

It would sure help if more of you are able to make it on a semi-regular basis. I know we are all busy, but "many hands make light work". Can I get a show of hands by an email to let me know who is committed to the program. I have 26 contacts that I communicate to by sending emails, and there is a hand full that email me back and/or show up. If you want to be removed from the email list please let me know. This way I am not bothering you and we can work with a concentrated group that is committed.

Maybe it is time to look at a different approach next year in terms of scheduling days that we all can commit to, something easy. For example dividing into teams, a Monday night team and a Thursday night team.  It is worth discussing at least to bring some ideas to the table.

Thursday at 8 pm we can talk about it further.

Keeping the hose on the ice...

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