Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Last Night's Ice Team Christmas Party was a Hoot ;-) 21st time

It's a busy time of year , so lots of The Team didn't attend. However ;Ian, John, Kurt, Kris, Jamie, Glenn, Andrew, had cleaned and flooded & John had gone home, before Bud brought the Pizzas from Nick's & Sausages from Spolumbos' . Thanks to Andrew for the Scotch and the Great Horn Owls for their fly by. It was a beautiful night and three coats where added to each rink. Now 38 coats on the lower Hockey rink and 37 on the upper Pleasure / Kid's Hockey rink. Thanks to Nick's and Spolumbos' for their support this year .Merry Christmas from all the Rosemont Ice Team. The rinks are looking great and here's some pictures from yesterday afternoon.

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