Monday, December 09, 2013

17th Time, temperature -12 C

Big thanks go out to Claire and Andre for clearing earlier today. Tonight's team ;Claire,Andre, Ian,JR,John & Kurt . Shoveled and put two coats on just before the snow started to fall.Now 31 on coats on the lower and 30 coats on the upper. Upcoming; this Friday the 13th at 6 pm, Flood Fest. We will BBQ and get the fire going and have some food. Around 7:15 we will kick off the skaters and go for the record. 17 coats (unofficial count). Please let me know who is coming. Also, we are going to need a BBQ. Let me know who has one I can pick it up in my truck and deliver it back to you on Saturday. Thanks Kurt Westergard,a.k.a. Captain Kurt