Saturday, March 05, 2022

Friday Night Flood...

 50 Coats on the lower.

As we are battling the elements this year, weather is all over the map, we were able to squeeze in two coats last night. "We" are Bill, Craig, Dave, Chris and Kurt. We scraped and pushed as much of the snow left over from the blower as we could. Surface is very uneven and lumpy. So the best we could do is put a heavyish coat on first , Wait Wait Wait for about an hour, then put a second coat.

All-the-While, watch snow fall a bit, then stop, then start again. But it's skate-able.

Kurt was down in the morning blower off the overnight snow. Out door Kindergarden class is the background having fun in the fresh powder.

2.5 hours later we have a clear rink.
We are scraping the aftermath from the morning blower.

Let's see what Monday will bring and keep the shinny program alive for another week.

Keeping the hose on the ice,


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