Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Last Flood. Its Official...

The team cleaned and did ONE last coat of the season on the lower ice. Shinny will be the last one Today.
Big thanks to everyone who came out to help over the season. We really had the best ice this year.

Thanks to the "die-hards" last night;  Craig, Bill, Andrew P., Daniel, Matt, Russel and Kurt.
We put a medium coat last night to try and get rid of the bumps caused by the under toe of water coming from under the ice. Grant will have on last Shinny tonight. Thanks Grant for all your help teaching the future skaters.

Upper = 61 coats
Lower = 69 coats

Speaking of future, we are planning on having a wrap up party for all of you Iceguys who helped out this year. Friday the 13th??  Who can make it. Ill check with Jackie to see if we can use the hall to raise a glass. Let me know if this day works for you SAY 7:00 pm.

Keeping the hose on the ice,


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