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Monday, February 05, 2018

More White Stuff Over the Weekend...

Almost a foot (12") fell over the weekend and left the rinks covered. William is back from Nova Scotia for a few months and came down Sunday afternoon with his shovel to clear some of the ice for skaters. Thanks Bill!!

I met Bill again this morning while I was blowing off the White Stuff. He helped to clean up the edges after the blower.

Looks like we have a good group again tonight to help flood. It's been a week since we put down any H2O.

3 coats on the lower, 2 on the upper
35 lower
29 upper

Big thanks to the crew, from left, Andrew P., Austin, Claire, Kris, Bill, Ryan and Kurt behind camera.

We are planning to go again Thursday night at 8 pm.

Keeping the hose on the ice,