Monday, February 27, 2017

Heading into MARCH...

Tonight has set a two year record. Skatable ice in the Month of March.
Thanks to Jeff, Craig, Adrian, Austin, Glenn, Kris, John, and Kurt for putting down three coats on the upper and two on the lower.
Total 53 on the upper.
Total 52 on the lower.

We met a group of hockey players on the lower hockey ice and had asked it they could help scrape giving them time to keep playing. Meanwhile, we started getting the upper ice prepared.
After letting the kids (18-49yr olds), play for a while longer - we found out it was a birthday celebration. One of the players had turned 18 years old and had requested to his parents that all he wanted was to celebrate by playing hockey with is friends and relatives at Rosemont.
Turns out Kurt knew the parents, Kelly and Jody from high school, so we let the play on the condition that they help us scrape after. Great group of players and they did a good job of clearing the lower for water.
Happy Birthday ADAM!

I know it is sad, but we did talk about the wind up party in three weeks or so.
Details to come.

Keeping the hose on the ice,