Thursday, November 13, 2014

The 2014 -15 Season has Started as of Nov.12th 2014

Hello ALL, OK, Great work to; Andre, Jamie and his son, Mattie, Grant and his daughter, Danielle, Kurt and his daughter,Paulina, who showed up to pack and flood… Way to go! Thanks Grant for the great packing again and making the job look easy with your truck. We have a good base on the upper. It took us about an hour but we got some good crust going up there. Tomorrow night we will get the lower started and do as much as we can. I think we better really soak the thing tomorrow. The new hose worked out great no leaks in the connection and it drains real nice. With the storage container and bin in the way it does make it difficult to navigate the hose. I will get the bin moved next time in front of the man door to give us some more room. We are a GO for tomorrow at 7 PM (JR is dropping off your Potato orders), Friday 7 PM and Saturday Morning around 9:30 AM, Sunday night 7 PM… Then we will see how the week goes next week. Don’t forget Pub night is this Saturday night around 7 PM. Cheers Kurt Westergard a.k.a. Captain Kurt The Rosemont Ice Guys Team

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