Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ice Guys Pool , Pub Night and Leaves Cleaned up.

The first annual "Ice Guys Pool".Was set up at the Pub Night meeting Wednesday Oct. 23rd. Predicting the first "skate able" ice. Which means we see physical skate marks on the sheet we created.These guys have picked these dates; Andre Nov. 26, Jeff & Biagio Nov.29, Bud Nov. 30, Andy Dec. 01, Peter Dec. 03, Ian Dec. 04, Jamie Dec.5, Glenn Dec 6, Brad Dec. 07, JR Dec. 09, Kurt Dec. 10, Giuseppe Dec. 11. Keith Dec. 13, and Grant Dec. 15 Pub Night/ Meeting was attended by; Andy,Ian,Grant,Andre,Brad,Jr,Peter,Keith,and Kurt. Leaves on the hill north of the upper rink were rafted up by ;Ian,Jr,Andy,Brad,Austin,Joe & Andre.Thanks guys this will make a difference.