Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nice night, but Kris & Kurt are going away

Tonight; Kurt, Austin, Biagio, Ian, Brad, Adrea,and Bud cleaned and added two coats to each rink, We now have a record, 81 coats on the upper and 75 on the lower. Kurt is now working for Hernia and Kris is in Australia, leaving Bud in charge, scary isn't it ? We meet again Monday the 25th at 8 pm. A wrap up party is being planned so watch this blog for details. Also here's a shinny report from Grant Parks. The rinks were great and this must be due to Ice Guy intervention! Thank you!!!! Anyway, we had a blast on Tuesday. To keep things fresh, I run the “Shinny Olympics” once a year. We form two teams and I basically give out points to the teams for how they compete in different events. The kids seem to love it and it is a different format, so it keeps them engaged in the program. The objectives of the Olympics are: a) Have fun, b) design events that reinforce the skills we have been teaching to date, c) design events that enable the kids to compete on a level playing field despite the wide range in skill levels, d) to foster sportsmanship and e) to make all the kids feel good about themselves. At the end, I always declare the competition to be a tie and the kids get “goodies”. This year, each participant received some cookies, some chocolates and a new puck. It is extremely rewarding to see how much the kids are enjoying themselves and to see them improve their hockey skills.

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