Thursday, December 13, 2012

It was nICE out tonight compared to -5 C last year

Ian,Kris, Keith, Kurt and JR cleaned and added two coats. Now 47 coats on the upper and 45 on the lower, Bud "The Flasher " took pictures and posted this report. ;-) A YEAR AGO Tuesday, December 13, 2011,The BIG NEWS is the new light which shines on the lower rink, thanks to Kurt. We had lots of skaters, who helped clean the rinks.Plus Biagio & Luke and Peter. We ; Bud, Brad, Ian, Glenn, Peter, Biagio, & Kurt added 3 coats to the lower and 2 to the upper. So now we have 27 coats on each rink. To Compare, These same guys flooded both years, Bud, Ian Kurt, we have 20 more coats on the upper than 2011. GOOD WORK TEAM !

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