Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tonight's Report +3 C and last year at this time.

It was a warm night , but Ian, Glenn, Keith & Brad , cleaned both rinks and added a coat to each.
The upper rink has now had 54 coats added to it , while the lower has now had 50.

Just to compare to Sunday January 30th, 2011 according to this blog,

The Temperature was -27 C and there was lots of snow to remove.

Andrew,Kris,Bud,Glenn,Ian and our beloved Bertha, cleaned lots of snow and added two coats to the top rink.
So far we have 48 coats of water on the top and 44 on the lower rinks.

So on this day this year, the weather is a lot warmer and each rink has 6 more coats of water on them.