Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dion Traded and

Dion Phaneuf the guy on the right, did you even notice him ?, anyway he was traded to the Leafs today.
But we carried on as usual, cleaning and flooding our rinks, just waiting for the date, when we'll get traded to the leafs,,,, on second though..l'll just have a Pepsi.
Tonight,Andrew, Biagio, Kris, Keith, Ian, Dennis, Glenn,Grant, and some old guy, cleaned and did two coats on both rinks, plus changed Bertha's oil. Things are looking GOOD !
Remember to come out this Thursday for the Annual Ice Guys Awards Night and Nick's Pizza Party. Let's see who wins for "He always showed up , but didn't do anything" or the "Man l wish l was home with my Wife " or the " We heard that Joke before"
or the many other awards.
You boys are the best, thanks from the old guy.

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